shasaf – for non-profit organizations

At shasaf we want to support non-profit organizations and help you with safe document sharing in order for you to focus on the important work you are doing. Whether it is a patient association, an NGO or another type it is important for shasaf that you get good terms for fulfilling your purpose.

We are a Danish company and our background stems from the NPO area too. It goes without saying that these types of organizations have a special place in our hearts.

As a non-profit organization you can get sha

  1. How to create your first category

‘s Starter package for only USD 30 per month or shasaf’s Standard package for only GBP 91 per month – both when signing up for a yearly subscription. Just click below, and your shasaf journey will begin immediately.

The fine print

  • In order to receive this special offer for shasaf it is obviously important that you are a non-profit organization. We reserve the right to check this. Should you not be an NPO we will charge the normal price of the chosen shasaf size.

  • The Starter package is normally USD 67 per month. As a non-profit organization you will get this for USD 30  per month.
    The Standard package is normally USD 217 per month. As a non-profit organization you will get this for USD 91 per month.
    To achieve these special prices, it’s a prerequisite that you sign up for a yearly subscription.

  • Are the Starter or Standard packages not enough for your NPO? Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would very much like to get in dialogue with you.

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