Why you need to re-think the way you share documents?

We live in a digital era, and with the current circumstances it seems that our online presence is only going to increase.

Sharing documents is a vital part of almost every business. Whether you are sending the minutes from the last meeting to the board, negotiating a contract with your business partners or agreeing on a purchase with your vendors you are exchanging sensitive information on a daily basis.

Try to think – how are you sharing?

75% of people reading this, will admit that they are sending at least 3 emails a day with some kind of sensitive information. Right? If you are in the 25% not sending documents via email, then you are probably sending links to your storage solution or giving people access to your intranet.

Now, you’ll probably ask: “What is the issue with that?”.

Let’s think! Imagine an email with business critical or privacy/personal sensitive information being sent to the wrong person (it’s not like that never happened to you…admit it) – or even worse being ’snapped’ by the wrong person.

OR imagine sending a link to your neatly structured storage solution to a person outside your organization, and they accidently delete a document. Once you delete that file it is gone, no backup, no trace.

And what if you send the link to the wrong folder, potentially exposing sensitive information to the wrong person. (“Oops…But of course we can offer you the same price as our other customers. That is exactly what we had in mind!”).

Scary, right? And that is without even mentioning the numerous issues regarding GDPR with sharing documents that way.

Okay, before you swear off technology and revert to the ‘old times’, let me tell you about shasaf.

shasaf stands for ‘share safe’, very cheeky right :-). And that is exactly what we do.

We are giving you a different solution. A solution that is secure, easy, efficient and brings structure to your document sharing with your customers and business partners. And on top of that, we add the benefit of branding your company in our solution. Because we know your brand is your identity, what your customers trust and look for.

shasaf is a Software as a Service solution that sits comfortably outside of your own IT infrastructure. We are GDPR compliant and offer a constant back up to all your files. And guess what, only you can delete files.

We are not replacing your current storage solution – but we are the intermediate between you, your customers, vendors and other business partners. Where today, you will either send an email with a document or share links inviting external people to your internal infrastructure, tomorrow you should use shasaf.

We offer a top secure solution that is simple to implement – you will be up and running in minutes – because we believe it makes more sense for you to focus on your core business and let shasaf be your sharing solution.

Don’t waste time, visit us @shasaf.com or give us a call. We will help you get started.

Share safe! 🙂 – and stay safe! 🙂

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