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In this blog we wanted to talk to you about online security and why this subject gets more attention these days.

Let us begin by looking at what Two-Factor-Authentication is. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA), which can sometimes be referred to as two-step verification or dual-factor authentication, is a security process in which users provide two different authentication factors to verify themselves. 

In other words, 2FA is implemented to better protect your credentials and the resources you can access. This type of authentication provides a higher level of security than your usual single-factor authentication – typically a password (that you probably use in most of your accounts) or a passcode. 

There are different ways one can set up a 2FA, depending on your preferences, but also on the preferences of the app or IT solution you are using. The two-factor authentication methods rely on the user providing a password as the first authenticator and a second, different factor – usually either a security token or a biometric factor (face scan or fingerprint)

You are probably thinking: “That is all good! But I am doing fine with my strong password – it has upper- and lower cases, symbols, and numbers. I am all set!”

Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rise in hacking, data breaches, and other cybercrimes. As a result, corporations (big and small) start to look towards a better understanding of security and the extra steps they need to take to avoid future threats. 

Simply put – usernames and passwords alone are no longer enough.

2FA is a great tool for companies to protect themselves and their customers. The added layer of security goes a long way to help, in fact, recent studies show that as much as 80% of security breaches are preventable with a Two-Factor Authentication.

What’s more? Security plays a vital part in customer’s decision-making nowadays, and more people say that they will definitely leave a company after a data breach. 

Did you know that in shasaf you can activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to safely guard your sensitive data?

shasaf provides you with a safe environment to share your sensitive and important business data with your customers, partners, and employees. Activating the 2FA will add an extra layer of security ensuring only authenticated users gain access to your circles. 

Activating your 2FA in shasaf is easy, just follow these steps: 

1) Log in to your shasaf profile and click on the settings icon.

2) Click on the shield (second icon) for two-factor login. 

3) Follow the instructions on the screen using either Twilio Authy or Google Authenticator to generate your two-factor authentication codes.

Maximum data protection has never been easier. If you need help with the activation process, you can always reach out to your shasaf support team. 

To learn more about shasaf and our eSignature solution click here.

Not a shasaf user? Don’t waste your time, visit us @shasaf.com or give us a call. We will help you get started.

And in the meantime, remember to share safe! 

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