Welcome back to another shasaf blog. It’s been a while :-)!
We should let you know that we haven´t just been sitting around waiting for things to get back to “normal”. Quite the opposite, we have taken a deep dive into figuring out what we have learnt from the 1.5 years of COVID-19 and answer a couple of burning questions.
We’ve had the pleasure to work and meet online with motivational experts Mark Anthony and Anne Klok, and it has been quite an eye-opening experience.
In one of our recent online meetups, Mark asked us a series of questions that we thought were worth sharing with all of you.
Question 1: If the world opens tomorrow at 08:00 in the morning are you ready? 
We can agree that one of the easiest excuses to not do something over the 1.5 years has been this elephant in the room (COVID-19). Whether it’s committing to a diet, starting up a new hobby or considering a new business investment, we all have said or heard the corona-excuse. Admit it 
And that is okay! If you look at all of the earth-shaking changes that people have had to live with, we can agree we all have our “change” – limit. However, hearing Mark ask us this question really made us think hard of what we can put into action now, so we are prepared for tomorrow!
Question 2: What is changing?
Industries across the world have been talking about change in the workplace, change in our work habits, change in our work environment. And that was 3 changes in 1 sentence.
We listened and we think we can help with that. shasaf’s number one goal is to support companies through these changes by providing a solution that is easy, effective and customizable. We hope this will change the conversation to embracing the freedom of remote work, having more time on the social “fredagsbar” and hygge (because let’s face it we are a Danish company and hygge is everything).
Question 3: What does it mean to be ready?
Last, but not least important question we got asked as a team. And you can imagine all of us, developers, marketers, salespeople and our wonderful intern in a slight shock because we didn’t have the answer right there on the spot.
Now that it sunk a little bit in our team’s collective mind, we know that for us at shasaf being ready means:

  • Asking the right questions and listening to what our customers need
  • Helping them to get ready for when the world opens tomorrow
  • Making our customers work more structured and less time consuming so they can enjoy coffee with their colleagues more

We want to say a special thanks to Mark Anthony and Anne Klok, for working with us and asking us to step outside our comfort zone to find motivation! We can strongly recommend them for motivational sessions. You can find more about them on https://markanthony.dk/en/
To learn more about shasaf and our eSignature solution click here.
Don’t waste your time, visit us @shasaf.com or give us a call. We will help you get started.
And remember to share safe!
Your shasaf team!

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